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Ron Renninger

The Man Who Became A Song

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Ron Renninger, a veteran performer of the East Coast acoustic music scene is proud to release his 6th and by far most definitive recording to date: “The Man Who Became A Song”.

Three years in the making, this powerhouse of an album will most likely set the standard for the “live in the studio” recording method for a long time to come.

The goal was to capture in a professional studio setting the intimacy and spontaneity that are the hallmarks of Ron’s iconic live performances. It’s clear from the very first acoustic guitar chords that that aim has been artfully achieved.

A collection of beautiful and heartfelt compositions, this album showcases the inventedness and breadth of a truly gifted songwriter and accomplished instrumentalist.

Underpinned by Ron’s unique fingerpicking technique songs like “Love Had to Follow” and “Island in the Sea” channel the emotional directness and melodic turns of the very best of a Paul Simon or Joni Mitchell.

The four instrumental pieces are tastefully interwoven among the songs: each one casting it’s own unique spell and setting the stage for the next song.

Other noteworthy selections from this compilation are “Nightingale”, (“a sobering statement of the increasing disconnect between nature and modern man”) “One Candle”. (“an ode to the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of devastating tragedy”) and “Real Hot Day”. (“Ron’s light-hearted childhood recollection of one summer day during school break in the Bronx”)

All in all an effort well worth the years long wait….
“A stunning collection of heartfelt music from an artist who’s obviously at the top of his game” .
New York Times contributor Susan M. Feldman.

1. Natural Causes (3:15)
2. The Dream and the Memory (3:56)
3. Boundaries (3:32)
4 Chocolate (Inst.) (1:30)
5 Nightingale (3:13)
6 Love Had to Follow (3:33)
7 Drowning in the Wake (3:38)
8 Aerial Embrace (Inst.) (2:20)
9 Real Hot Day (2:25)
10 One Candle (2:37)
11 I Got the River (in my backyard) (2:50)
12 Fruition (Inst.) (1:54)
13 Island In the Sea (4:18)
14 Natural Causes (Inst.) (1:31)

All material composed by Ron Renninger Copyright 2016