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Ron Renninger

There But for the Grace of Love

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Praise for "There But for the Grace of Love" (Released 1997)

Dirty Linen Magazine:

This his second recording has many of the charms of the first. Renninger's still writing songs drawn from personal experience, still using a very simple backing and still retaining a warmth that draws you into the stories he's telling. (JLe)


All around are lonely souls with sadness in their eyes/And I think there but for the grace of love go I. In his title track, Ron Renninger has written a song of heartbreak and celebration. It's kind of a "God Bless The Child That's Got His Own" folk song.

Throughout the 15 tracks here Renninger displays a knack for summing up the good and the bad when it comes to affairs of the heart. "Sweet Old Time" is an ode to the good. "Highway Of Love" with its car and road metaphors, examines the bittersweet side.

Renninger is based in New York City and boasts a pretty colorful musical history. At sixteen his band, Basement Concession, was the first act signed to the newly formed Sire Records. He's shared stages with folks like Van Morrison, Lucinda Williams, Sonny Terry and more. Grace is his fourth solo album.

When he's not addressing the many facets of love, Renninger takes on more topical subjects: the death of Carl Sagan in "Sometimes Stars Fall Too Soon", dysfunctional families in "They Die But They Don't", and the mayhem brought on by guns in "Piece". Simple instrumentation keeps his voice and nimble finger-picking in the forefront. Renninger seems to be an artist whose fuse and muse still burn bright.

Song List:

1. Living Proof
2. There but for the Grace of Love
3. Gifts
4. Dreams of Nothing
5. Half Time Band
6. The Last of the Yodeling Gerbils (Inst.)
7. Sweet Old Time
8. What's Your God?
9. Piece
10. It's Only Shadows
11. Boundaries
12. Sometimes Stars Fall too Soon (Inst.)
13. They Die but they Don't
14. Highway of Love
15. Pickle, Pickle, Wee Wee Tar

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